If you have, we are so excited! That means that someone, somewhere, wanted to make Horsham that little bit better by loving people just a little bit more. That love was demonstrated by a simple act that focused on you!

This is what “Let’s Love Horsham” is all about. Can you imagine what our town would be like if everyone was just a little kinder and we all just loved each other just that little bit better?

Our hope that this initiative will start a new movement of kindness, respect, honour and love in our town.


If you have received a disk, why not join in with us, pay it forward and pass on the love?

Even if you haven’t received a disk yet, why not join in the fun and demonstrate some love, generosity and kindness so someone else just because you can. It always does our heart good to help others, to do something nice for someone else and help make our town an even better place to live. Let’s Love Horsham together.

If you read on you will find out where to get some disks of your own and some examples of different ways you could pass on the love.

Let us know your stories!



Strong is a bold and possibly sacrificial act of love and kindness to someone who just needs some help. It’s an opportunity to spend some money, give up some time or share some of your stuff to help people you see in need.

  • Help an elderly person in your street. Offer to get their shopping or give them a lift to the supermarket. Or just sit and have a cup of tea with them and just leave a disk when you go.
  • If you see a neighbour with an overgrown garden offer to clear it up. You could do it together as a family or with friends.
  • Volunteer to help at the Horsham Matters Night Shelter.
  • Take a homeless person for a hot meal.
Be A Friend

Horsham is a wonderful place, but it is still a place where people can feel lonely or even isolated. Think about how you could show a little love to someone.

  • Give a single mum in your neighbourhood a takeaway and a movie.
  • Take time to have a cup of tea with an elderly neighbour. You might be the only human contact they have that day.
  • Offer to cook a meal for a neighbour who has just had a baby or who might be sick.
  • Why not take round lunch for your neighbours!
Secret Agent

Being a Secret Agent is to do something undercover. It’s a covert mission to do something anonymously and be as stealthy as you can.

  • Pay for someone’s petrol and ask the attendant to give them a disk when they come to pay.
  • Leave a disk on some chocolates for a teacher, nurse or neighbour.
  • Send a disk and a “Thank You” card to the police, Horsham Hospital or even the Traffic Wardens office expressing gratitude for how they strive to make Horsham a great place to live.
  • Wrap a disk in a £5/£10 note and give it to a homeless person or a busker.
Business Owner

As a business leader you are a culture setter. You set the tone, pace and ‘feel’ of your organisation, even if you are a sole trader. What would your company be like if everyone loved each other just a little more? What would it mean for your clients to see you as a kind organisation?

  • Drop a link to on an invoice and give a random discount.
  • Pop a cash bonus and disk in a random employees desk.
  • Put a disk and an additional free item into a shipment.
  • As a business support a local cause or charity.
  • Support this initiative by purchasing multiples of 500 disks for the community to use (Contact us for more info on how).

If you would like to get some disks of your own then please collect them from the foyer of the Capitol Theatre between 10am and 1pm any Sunday morning from the 6th January 2019.

Tell Us Your Stories

If you have received a disk, or found a creative way to pass on the love, we would love to hear about it.

Please send us a picture and let us know what happened. #letslovehorsham


If you are a business and would like to take part in this community initative then please let us know.

Equally, if you want to contact us for any reason please complete the form below.


Inspired by the Tsunami of Love initiative in Bedford we wondered if we could do something similar and focus on making our town of Horsham better than we think it already is.

Every now and again you hear a story of someone going the extra mile for someone else. Someone helping someone else though a tough time, paying for a tank of petrol so someone can get to the hospital or paying for groceries when the person in front has their card declined.

We dreamed about what Horsham would be like if we all were doing that a little more. What if it was not the odd inspirational story once in a while but a regular occurrence? Can you imagine living in a town were people were looking out for one another, where neighbours cared for the elderly and vulnerable. Where loneliness was outlawed because everyone keeps and eye out for those on the edges of our community!

What if we were all just a little kinder, a little more thoughtful, if we thought about others a little more and ourselves just a little less.

This is what LET’S LOVE HORSHAM is all about! Come and join us in making HORSHAM the friendliest, most loving, most caring town in the nation!

Organisations Loving Horsham

There are many ways to join in the fun of Let’s Love Horsham. For businesses you can sponsor the bulk purchase of some disks for us to distribute or, if you are a retail business, or have the general public visiting your premises then have a basket with free disks in for them to take.